Columbus Avenue Revitalization

While many speak of the desire to revitalize their downtown, the City of Sandusky has backed its words with action and is leading by example. The revitalization started with City Hall and now includes historic apartments and an artisan market. We have worked together to showcase all Sandusky has to offer and bring people back to this historic, waterfront downtown.

The Columbus Avenue Revitalization is an excellent example of a successful private-public partnership.
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Columbus Avenue Lofts

Columbus Avenue Lofts is Sandusky’s revitalized, historic downtown loft apartments. The 18 residences at the Columbus Avenue Lofts offer close proximity to Sandusky’s one-of-a-kindlakefront, with the charm and history only provided by a restoration of this kind.

Sandusky City Hall

The Sandusky City Hall was the first project we kicked off in the Columbus Avenue revitalization. It was important to us to bring the City Hall back to the downtown and make it a central part of the city once again. The building is modern while still paying homage to the history, by keeping historic elements in the design.


Vita is a one-stop-shop with a restaurant, local foods, an artisan market, coffee bar, and wine and beer. Their mission is to create a place you would want to hang around with friends and enjoy a variety of unique experiences: From a morning cup of coffee accompanied by a breakfast Panini, something sweet, finding your new favorite product you wonder how you lived without, or grab a beautiful drink in a grand but comfortable environment.