Seeing potential
where others do not
makes all the difference.

We’re a real estate development firm with expertise in planning, building and managing the finest office, retail, residential and mixed-use properties.

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  • Envisioning
  • Planning
  • Delivering

To truly excel in real estate development, you must have the ability to see potential where others do not. You must first dream, then grow increasingly confident in what you’ve envisioned through meticulous planning, listening and improving. Only then can your ultimate goal be achieved – to propel a community forward by connecting people and providing an economic engine.

Experienced, trusted and respected.

Throughout the years, we’ve earned an outstanding reputation by establishing and honoring relationships, proving our commitment to projects and communities and executing incredible visions to transform neighborhoods.

Our Approach

Trust is the value on which every project is developed and maintained. Since trust must be earned, we are intentional and resolved to remain committed to:

  • Your trust is essential, always appreciated and never taken for granted. Whether you're a public official, team member, retail tenant, resident or neighbor, we're committed to being kind, treating you with respect and doing what we say we’ll do.

  • We truly believe the success of a project can positively impact the future of an entire neighborhood. And, since communities are comprised of people with a wide range of opinions, we view listening, honest communication and community involvement as essential disciplines.

  • We design, build and maintain developments to stand the test of time - enduring assets adding value to the community - not only for our buyers, but also for the communities our projects call home.

Public-Private Partnerships

Whether it's a local treasure that's fallen into disrepair or a prime parcel that's never realized its full potential, no project is too large. Our team's ability to execute public-private partnerships (P3s) is based on our love for the details and is apparent in our neighborhood transformations, historic renovations and new developments.

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featured project

Cedar Fair & BGSU

Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Fair and Bowling Green State University have come together to create a new Resort and Attraction Management School in downtown Sandusky.