Public-Private Partnerships

Whether it’s a local treasure that’s fallen into disrepair or a prime parcel that’s never realized its full potential, Marous Development Group brings dreams to life. Our team’s ability to execute public-private partnerships (P3s) is based on our love for the details and is apparent in our neighborhood transformations, historic renovations or new developments.

Examples of our passion for people and projects will be apparent in every interaction and at every stage of the project. From initial planning, zoning, permitting and funding to infrastructure improvements, construction, finished carpentry and cutting the ribbon, we’ll be sharing your dream. Our proven ability to restore hope and expand economic prosperity is the direct result of our relationships with community residents, public officials and agencies at various levels of government. When we work together, economic growth is possible and projects not only come to completion, they become sources of pride in the community.

No project is too large. If it’s a dream, we believe it’s well worth pursuing.


Cedar Fair & BGSU

Sandusky, Ohio

Cedar Fair and Bowling Green State University have come together to create a new Resort
and Attraction Management School in downtown Sandusky. A new 78,030 SF mixed-use
development is transforming a vacant lot into the home of this exciting new program.
The development includes an academic facility, faculty and administrative space,
student-serving retail, generous common area, and residential apartments.

It’s a long-term investment in the community Cedar Fair is proud to call home.